Drain Lining Services UK

Drain Lining Services UK

Drain lining is often considered an inexpensive method of fixing damaged drain pipes. Drain lining or relining is a relatively new concept in the drainage industry but has gained popularity as it is hassle free and an effective solution for all your drainage problems.

Excavation or manually digging up the earth to repair a ruptured pipe is a thing of the past. Modern and innovative drain lining solutions make the task quick, efficient and hassle-free. With the latest technology to aid in drain lining, drainage maintenance is not a cumbersome task whether domestic or commercial.

How It Works
Drain lining is a non-invasive method of repairing drain pipes. Your drain repair contractor won’t dig up the earth to fix a broken pipe. This means your flower bed or your paved yard will remain intact.

With modern drain lining solutions, your contractor will line the inside of your pipes with a polymer lining, which then glues to the interiors of the pipe. The internal surface of the pipe is jet washed and a robotic camera is sent downwards to inspect the scale of damage.

The damage is assessed and the liner is gently fed into the pipe. Once it is in place, an airbag within the liner is inflated to fit it into the diameter of the pipe. The liner cures and hardens over time and creates a second pipe within the external pipe.

The airbag inside the liner can be deflated and removed once the liner has been fitted. The camera is again fed through the drain for inspection and checked if the drain pipe is fit for use. The process may sound complicated but in practice, it is far simpler than excavating the earth to gain access to fix the drain pipe.

Causes of Drain Pipe Damage

• Wear and Tear – The condition of drain pipes may deteriorate over the years owing to wear and tear. In such cases, simply contact Lining Sector for professional drain lining solutions.

• Tree Root Problems – There may be a large tree growing in your yard which may spread its roots underneath and reach your drain pipes. This may cause the pipe to crack, which results in leakage. Drain lining offers you the perfect solution to mend your broken pipe.

• Water Freezing in Winters – Water residue left in the drain pipe can freeze in winters. This can result in pipe damage and drain lining your pipe is a great way to fix the cracked pipe.

Drain lining offers an effective solution when you want to fix your damaged pipe work. Lining Sector, Your One- Stop Drain Lining Shop.

At Lining Sector, we provide comprehensive drain lining solutions for all kinds of drain repairs and problems. As a leading provider of remediation, sanitation and waste management services, we assure you of professional drain management for your home and commercial properties.

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