Lining Sector Ltd will only use approved WRc tested materials, in doing this we are happy to guarantee our work for 10 years after installation. This also makes sure you the customer only gets the best product installed.


We have a liner for every installation method and below is a list of these liners, with a brief description of each.



Drag Liner – The most straight forward liner used on straight runs up to 20 meters. However, after 20 meters we would advise an invert liner as dragging liners any further then 20 meters can result in stretch and ringing out of the resins.


Flex Liner – This liner is installed on pipes with bends or around rest bends, the Flex liner will not wrinkle on bends ensuring a free flowing pipe.


Invert Liner – We install the Invert liner on longer lengths of pipe which has 2 main benefits:

  • It does not stretch as it is inverted so the liner maintains its structural strength.
  • Once cured the PVC of the liner becomes the pipe which ensures a low friction finish and aids flow rate.


Pro Flex Liner – This Liner is the most flexible liner available in either 2mm or 4mm thickness and is ideal for lining down pipes and stack pipes.


Brawoliner – The strongest liner available with a very low odour finish but its strength value is second to none, Brawoliner also allows for dimension changes where a reducer may be found in the host pipe, Brawoliner stretches from 100mm to 150mm or 150mm up to 225mm.



There are 4 main resins used to install these liners, below is a brief description of each resin.

Polyester Resin – Polyester Resin is the most cost effective route of Lining, one downside is the glue smell and some people complain of an odour after installation which does usually disperse within 24 hours.


Epoxy Resin – Epoxy Resin is a low odour Resin but has higher strengths and resistance against heat and chemicals going through the liner after installation.


Silicate Resin – This is the same resin used to install patch repairs, a 2 part mix that has a set curing time, with a very strong finish and a low odour on completion.


Brawoliner Resin – Only installed with a Brawa Liner, used for its strength and finish.