Drain Surveys – Where necessary for house sale, problem solving or full site survey .


High Pressure Jetting – Where problems have been located or cleaning pipe prior to a repair.


CIPP Drain Lining – Once a survey has been completed by ourselves or another drainage company it can highlight various problems that may need repairing a CIPP (cured in place pipe) is a newly installed pipe inside of your existing pipe without need for costly excavation.


Patch Lining – Ideal for repairs to a isolated problem in a longer length of pipe and can help keep costly repairs down.


Single Ended Access – This allows us to now invert liner from a single access point, Invert liner also has the added benefit of having a low friction finish which can help aid flow rate.


Lateral Cutting – A robotic cutter is used after a liner has been carried out, this re-activates laterals that may need covering during liner installation.


Pitch Fibre – Pitch Fibre was laid in the 1960s and 1970s as a cheaper alternative, however Pitch Fibre has been known to de-laminate after installation causing the pipe to blister and leed to blocking, We re-open the problem pipe and structurally line with the assistance of a pre-liner preventing the pipe from ever closing again.


On Site Assistance – At Lining Sector there have been many times when we have been called in to help other Drainage companies correct a liner that has been installed badly or the liner has set before installation has been completed.