While patch repairs are typically employed to fix a specific area of damaged pipe, drain lining is an effective way of restoring a system that has wide spread damage, or is lacking in structural integrity. It’s a fantastic alternative to excavating an entire system and replacing the pipes themselves. We carry out drain lining for domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the South East, from Bromley to Brighton, Crawley to Gatwick and beyond.

As with patch repairs, we’ll begin the process by carrying out a CCTV drainage survey to see the length of damaged drain that needs to be covered. Then, a trained Lining Sector drainage contractor will feed a flaccid polymer lining through your system, to a length determined in the aforementioned survey. In order to bond this securely to the inside of a pipe, an airbag is inflated. This pushes the liner out to the diameter of the pipe, where it will cure and harden. Once hardened, the air balloon inside the liner is deflated and extracted.


The finished product acts as a second pipe-within-a-pipe. It only reduces the diameter of your pipe by a marginal amount, so won’t affect your system’s performance. We’ll once again carry out a CCTV drainage survey to inspect our work, ensuring that the drain lining is fulfilling its vital purpose and is securely in place. Keep in mind that lining sector only ever uses WRC tested materials, which give us the confidence to provide clients in Brighton, Bromley, Gatwick, Crawley and all surrounding locales throughout the South East, with a 10 year guarantee. Few other draining contractors can offer this.



DRAG LINER – Ideal for use on straight drain runs up to 20m in length. Any further than this, and resins can begin to stretch/ring out.

FLEX LINER– This form of drain lining is designed for use on pipes with bends, as it won’t wrinkle (which could otherwise impact the free flow of water throughout your system).

INVERT LINER – For areas over 20m, we’ll usually opt for an invert drain liner. These don’t stretch, which ensures the liner retains its structural integrity through the full length of system to which it is applied. Because the liner’s PVC becomes the pipe once curing has finished, it’s low fiction which keeps flow rate optimal.


PRO FLEX LINER – If drain lining needs to head down pipes/stack pipes, then this extremely flexible product will fit the bill. It’s available in both 2mm and 4mm configurations; which we use depends on your particular system and drain lining requirements.


BRAWOLINER – The strongest drain liner on the market. Brawoliner doesn’t have much of an odour, and can stretch from 100mm to 150mm, or 150mm to 225mm (depending on chosen product and application). This allows it to deal with dimension changes where a reducer could be found in the host pipe.



POLYESTER RESIN – The most cost effective resin option for drain lining is polyester. It’s still very good at what it does, but one drawback is a strong odour of glue. This usually disappears within ~24hours.

EPOXY RESIN – Low odour, high strength and inherent heat/chemical resistance characterise this resin. Slightly more expensive than its polyester cousin.


SILICATE RESIN – A Lining Sector drainage contractor also uses this form of resin for patch repairs. It’s a two-part mix with a strong finish. Another advantage is that it doesn’t produce a strong odour.

BRAWOLINER RESIN – As its name might suggest, this resin is specifically made to be strong enough for use with the aforementioned Brawoliner product.

Drain lining isn’t the only service we provide as the Bromley, Brighton, Crawley and Gatwick areas’ trusted drainage contractor. As well as patch repairs and CCTV drainage surveys, which have their own dedicated services pages on this website, we offer a range of general drainage services you can peruse by clicking here.
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