Some drainage issues can be handle on a DIY basis, for example dealing with minor blockages. But we recommend that property owners in and around Gatwick, one of our principal service areas, call in a professional drainage contractor if more worrisome symptoms emerge. It might be that a timely CCTV drainage survey could locate a problem early on, allowing timely patch repairs, drain lining or similar drain repairs to intervene, preventing it from worsening.

But we understand that some prospective clients around Gatwick are still unsure about calling in a drainage contractor unless absolutely necessary. That’s why in this article, we’ve presented the many benefits which our services afford. We hope it’ll convince you to pick up the phone the next time you’re experiencing drainage difficulties. And if not, maybe our extensive list of testimonials will!


PREVENT FURTHER DAMAGE – Calling in a trained, experienced drainage contractor can help Gatwick property owners to prevent further damage occurring. If one small section of your system is damaged, then patch repairs can restore its functionality and prevent this damage worsening – or even leading to complete drain failure. Or, if a more extensive run of your system is compromised, then drain lining can prevent the otherwise inevitable need for excavation and pipe replacement.

MODERN EQUIPMENT – Some forms of drain repairs simply aren’t possible without the use of modern, often high tech and expensive equipment. This is especially the case when it comes to things like a CCTV drainage survey, patch repairs and drain lining. Without this important equipment, a Gatwick drainage contractor (or DIY’er) would have to carry out extensive excavations and dig out/repair pipes with their bare hands. Not only is this a long and arduous task, but it’s hugely disruptive and can led to all sorts of further problems/hurdles to pop up.


PROACTIVE > REACTIVE – While it’s certainly important to react to drainage issues when symptoms rear their heads, being proactive is always better than being reactive. For example, a professional drainage contractor can utilise a CCTV drainage survey to detect problems before they become very expensive and difficult to put right. A DIY’er who might only be familiar with very rudimentary drain repairs, will struggle to identify issues due to a lack of equipment and training, leading to higher repair costs down the line.

HEALTH & SAFETY – There’s a lot of training that goes into becoming a qualified drainage contractor, and a lot of this surrounds health and safety. It goes without saying that drains are potentially hazardous – they’re filled with things which can pollute the atmosphere, cause illness or flooding. While something simple like unblocking your kitchen sink very rarely requires professional assistance, attempting a more complex form of drain repairs – like drain lining or patch repairs – is not only incredibly likely to go wrong, causing more damage rather than fixing it, but can constitute a significant health and safety hazard.

EXPERT ADVICE – This can be invaluable. For example, let’s say you’re looking to purchase a new property in Gatwick but are unsure whether its infrastructure is going to prove problematic. Lining Sector can send in a drainage contractor to carry out a CCTV drainage survey, identifying any problems so you can make an informed purchase decision. You may decide you want to carry out any minor patch repairs, drain lining or similar drain repairs, as the property is otherwise well worth it. Or, you may narrowly dodge a bullet that could have cost you thousands in drain repairs down the line!

Convinced that we can assist you with your drain related issues? Don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience. We offer 10 year guarantees on all drain lining, and our prices are extremely competitive amongst Gatwick drainage contractors.
To hire a fully qualified drainage contractor for anything from patch repairs to a CCTV drainage survey, call Lining Sector on 07837 193 882. We cover Gatwick and all surrounds.