The most common drainage-related issue suffered in Brighton, and indeed the wider UK, is blockage. Sometimes this can be dealt with on a DIY basis, but if the blockage is located beyond easy access, or deep within your system, you may find yourself in need of a drainage contractor. Lining Sector is that contractor. In addition to providing drain lining, patch repairs and CCTV surveys for a mix of domestic, commercial and industrial clients – we take on smaller jobs like unblocking drains.


Recurring blockages can often signal a more worrying, underlying issue. And in some cases, a major blockage can lead to structural damage to your system. So it’s worth contacting us as soon as you notice a noticeable drop off in performance (slow drainage etc), or a complete back up. We’ll carry out the required drain repairs and get everything back working optimally.

In this article, for the benefit of Brighton clients who want to be vigilant in proactively avoiding blockages, we’ve described a few of the most common causes for this irritating problem. We hope the advice given will ensure you won’t need a drainage contractor to come in and unblock your system. If you’re more interested in receiving a competitive quote for patch repairs, drain lining, a CCTV drainage survey or one of the other services provided by our team of qualified drainage contractors, who boast over 30 years of experience operating in and around Brighton – then just pick up the phone and call 07837 193 882.



GREASE & FAT – Perhaps the easiest of these causes to prevent, cooking grease and fat can stick to the inside of pipes and gradually cause a blockage. You’ll then need a drainage contractor to carry out a very specific form of drain repairs called jetting, which involves a machine that circulates pressurised water throughout your system to dislodge said grease. To avoid this, Brighton property owners are encouraged to not wash fat and grease down a sink. Instead, wait for it to cool then clean a pan with kitchen towel, disposing of it in the bin.

HAIR – Now this is more tricky, as we often lose hair quite naturally when taking a shower or bath. But there are simple devices that can be installed within plugholes, which catch hair and similar items, preventing them getting into your system and building to cause a blockage.


FOREIGN OBJECTS – You wouldn’t believe some of things that turn up deep with drain systems we attend to around the Brighton area. Sometimes it’s not one foreign object, but a number which have got stuck and gradually cause a blockage. By conducting a CCTV drainage survey, a drainage contractor can locate the exact point where the objects are, allowing us to then make precise and careful drain repairs to restore the system to its former glory.

Avoid this problem by not flushing nappies, sanitary items and soaps down your toilet, and educate young children not to flush toys and similar things. It’s remarkable how often this occurs; they just don’t know any better!


TOILETRIES – We’ve separated this from the foreign objects category as they are far and away the most common cause for blocked drains in and around Brighton. Large wads of toilet paper and seemingly “flushable” wipes/toiletries are constantly causing a blockage. It’s irritating to think you may be left requiring patch repairs, or drain lining due to damaged caused as a result of toilet paper – although this is by no means a rare situation we encounter in Brighton.

So avoid this eventuality by only flushing small amounts of toilet paper at one time, and placing any items like baby wipes (even the ones that say flushable) in the bin. Trust us! We’re a drainage contractor.


TREES & LEAVES – There are two ways that these can cause blockages. Firstly, leaves falling from trees/hedges can make their way into your system and down to a vulnerable part of your system. The trick here is to keep your garden well maintained and sweep away leaves during the autumn months. The more problematic issue is invasive tree roots. These, in their search for moisture, intrude in your system. Once there they don’t just cause blockages, but can cause structural damage that leads to the need for patch repairs or even complete drain lining.


Luckily, a drainage contractor can identify this issue with a CCTV drainage survey and act before the problem completely destroys sections of your system. To avoid this, don’t plant new trees/hedges close to drain openings.

For affordable, professional drain repairs, drain lining, CCTV drain surveys or any of the other services we offer as Brighton’s leading drainage contractor, call 07837 193 882.